Lester Dent’s “Master Fiction Formula”

Lester Dent is famous in some writing circles for his output: about 175 novels in 16 years. He was born in 1904 and  started work in the 20s as a telegraph operator — until a friend of his published a story in a pulp magazine and  earned an enormous sum. “I can do that!” he said, and wrote his first novel on the graveyard shift of his job.

Dell Publishing was so impressed that they offered him a good monthly stipend — during the Depression, mind — to  write exclusively for their magazine, for which he learned tricks to turn out stories quickly. His “Master Fiction Formula” coming up in a moment! Continue reading “Lester Dent’s “Master Fiction Formula””

Puppy Time

Call us crazy, but our family adopted a recovered racing greyhound at the  end of October.

We went to a recovery center and had a choice of two dogs: a sleek brindle  named Perseus, and a gentle black-and-white named Reuben. We decided that  Reuben’s cuddly demeanor was more suited to us than Perseus’ frenetic  devil-may-care attitude, so a few hundred dollars later (for dog,  accoutrements, and deworming medicine) we took Reuben for a 3 hour ride back  home. Our son sat in the back and got drooled on.

Reuben was three years old and six weeks off the track. Since he’d been  known by the names “Lodwick,” “Jake,” and “Reuben,” (and perhaps others)  within the past year, we figured we could change his name one more time  without a problem. Since October Zorro has learned the home routine and has  a sweet situation: breakfast and naps on a big cushion in the morning,  chasing squirrels before a noon snack, more leisurely walks in the afternoon,  and a nice dinner and bedtime. He especially likes bully sticks for an  afternoon chew.

You can learn a lot about people from animals. Continue reading “Puppy Time”

Welcome to My New Blog!

Hello World! I’m happy to say this is my first blog entry and I’m hoping you might enjoy the ride with me.

I plan for this blog to be a little bit of many things I’m interested in:
Writing, Cooking, Family, Religion, and General Things I Notice in the World. I hope my thoughts might spark a bit of intrigue and diversion for you as well.

Lots to think about. I’ve just spent the evening figuring out WordPress and how to start a new blog so I’m going to sign off now… but will be seeing you real soon!