Book Coaching

BOOK COACHING. This encompasses anything from developing a logline to full-blown story/character development. To give you an estimate I need to see a 1-2 page synopsis, a list of story events (for plot development), a list of characters with a 6 word description each (for character development), and an idea for what exactly you want done.

For a non-completed story, I help you develop complete plot and characters, and get ready for writing by helping you develop a detailed synopsis, construct a complete list of scenes that tell your story (about 40 – 80), and learn to structure each scene to include the critical elements.

For a completed story, my coaching encompasses things like ensuring character arc stages are complete, and making sure you have all the story points in the right order and right proportion. If something is *off* I can flag that ms portion and give you ideas to make it work better. If you require scene or event rearrangement or restructure, I can work with you to get the story to hold together and work well.