Back in the (Novel-Writing) Saddle Again

It’s been awhile since I’ve done fiction writing. It’s hard. That’s the main reason.

You can always find something else to do, something that may be easier and certainly will give you rewards on a shorter time-scale. I’ve been building my publishing business ( that helps authors truly self-publish  rather than being caught in the bear-trap of subsidy publishers. Subsidies are another blog for another day, but I’ll just  say I feel like I treat my clients super-well and help to guide them through a complicated maze of how-to-publish-a-book without getting ripped off.

But I digress. Fiction writing, that’s what I want to talk about.

I have oodles of book ideas ranging from simplistic to uber-complicated. The question becomes, how do I put EVERYTHING in my  head into a story?

The answer is, I don’t. I can’t. I know from my work as a story analyst that most stories are quite simple. Instead of taking  on the world, they take on a small problem, give the reader a fun ride with hopefully a few interesting thoughts to chew on,  then wrap it up decisively.

I’ve decided to choose a small and simple story idea and work on it, “for fun,” to get back into the groove of writing X number of words per day. I’ve decided this will be *the worst* novel ever written and if it never sees the light of day, oh well. This is practice. Writers write. If I want to go back to being a writer as well as publisher, I have to write 🙂

300 words per day. This is what I always tell skittish writers to start with, so I’m taking my own advice. 300 words per day, six days per week, and chart everything. Don’t stop to edit but keep writing. Write.

If you are wrestling with a similar problem, I found two tools that may help you:

1. Story generation. If you have absolutely no idea what to write, take a look at They have  lots of fun tools that may stimulate an idea or two.

2. Story organization. I found a fun tool called The Novel Factory ( that gives a free 30 day trial and uses classic story structure to help you tame your ideas. I don’t know if it works, but it looks interesting.

OK hope this is inspirational to you… although frankly I think I’m the only one who reads my blog. Well, I feel inspired so that’s a start!

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